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Today, Jacob Hurst joins me, and we talk about what life is like being a small publisher in the vendor hall of a convention. Of course we talk about other things….and we even get a bit “cheeky.” Hold onto that pun so you can punch your bingo card later in the episode.  

There was a gap in recordings. The ending of a Kickstarter, fulfilling of two Kickstarters and the soon-to-launch Kickstarter took up all my free time. My day job was also grinding me up….so the podcast fell a wee bit behind, as my friends in Northern Ireland would say. Life is getting busier for me, and there may be occasional lapses from my weekly schedules, but don’t worry folks, that will just be me taking a breather.

The pre-campaign page is up for Scoundrels of Brixton. This is a gritty sci-fi setting that we will develop through a series of zines. I will put a link in the show notes so you can get notified when the project launches mid April.


Scoundrels of Brixton Kickstarter –