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Gary's Appendix

This periodical zine is an homage to the Dungeon Masters Guide for Advanced D&D. Written with an eye toward all things quirky, informational, and useful, we fill each issue with thought-provoking material to delight and inspire people to create memorable games.

System: OSE

Size: A5

Journey into the Madlands

A magazine to inject enclaves, NPCs and creatures into your favorite post-apocalypse.

System: Neutral (OSE Bestiary)

Contributors Wanted

Size: Letter (8.5″x11″)


A toolbox for adding crime to your sci-fi and modern games. This book has NPCs, locations, job generator and rules for players to create a gang for their characters.

System:  Neutral

Size: Digest (6″x9″)

Fane of the Fly God

Born from a feverish imagination, Fane is an homage to the horror comics of the seventies, especially Creepy and Eerie. We filled with foul locations, putrid deities, nauseous spells and a weird bestiary. This is a “serious” treatment, and this work would be a great compliment to any Sword and Sorcery game.

System: OSE (but mostly system neutral)

Size: Graphic Novel (6.625″ x 10.25″)