Journey into the Madlands

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Now that you destroyed our world, what do you do next? After all, it is easy to destroy the modern world with plagues, ICBMs, nanites, climate disasters, or even a stray meteor. After all, it only takes five minutes of pondering to turn our mundane and predictable world into a world twisted by destruction and ruled by chaos.
After you destroyed the earth, the hard part is knowing what to do next. It is one thing to make the world more dangerous, but it is another thing to make those changes both interesting and fun. It takes hours of effort to create dynamic encounters and evocative locations. There is no joy in spending hours staring at a blank computer screen or notebook waiting for ideas to arrive. With Journey Into the Madlands, we did the hard work for you.The locations, NPCs and creatures, while written into a mini-setting, are modular, making it easy for you to pick only the elements to fuel your game.

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