Scoundrels – Make Your Game Criminal

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 Scoundrels provides 200 unique NPCs to drop quickly into your game. Some are tied to locations, some to gangs, and we tied others to a theme. You can randomly determine NPCs or easily flip through pages. The names come from 5 different real-world cultures, making this a great resource for determining names and motivations on the fly for any game.
Scoundrels also taking it to the next level, fleshing out your world with factions, locations and institutions and the NPCs that populate them. The NPCs and factions have motivations, and their writeups evoke a way for them to interact with the characters and each other.
There are tables for random encounters with NPCs and tables for adding friends and rivals for the characters. But I didn’t stop there, There are additional tables that allow the GM to create crime-related jobs and adventures for the players. There is even a step-by-step example of me creating a job.

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