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Exploring Dungeon 23 and ChatGPT

Welcome RPG Ramblings with Jeff Jones. This a weekly show exploring the various details of the TableTop RPG hobby through discussions with interesting people.  

This week, Jacob Hurst of the Swordfish Islands joins me. We talk about the AI chat bot, known as ChatGPT and we also discuss Dungeon23, the viral project to for building a mega dungeon, one room each day. By writing up one room a day, one walks away with a personal mega-dungeon at the end of the year.

I have Patreon and for the price of 1 dollar a month, you too can join the ranks of the Rambling Elite, making the multiverse safe for podcasting.

This is the last show of the year. And what a crazy year it has been on levels personal, professional and everywhere in-between. Life is a mixture of tragedies and triumphs, bitter and sweet, hot and cold….even in Australia. 

Grab your pens and your planners, sisters and brothers. It is time to ramble.