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Essential Elements of Traveller RPG Adventures

Welcome RPG Ramblings with Jeff Jones. This is a weekly show exploring the various details of the TableTop RPG hobby through discussions with interesting people.


This week author Adam Kovac, and fellow podcaster Bob Lofting of Safeco fame, joins me to talk about Traveller adventures. We discuss and ponder about what makes a Traveller adventure a Traveller adventure. It is easy to fall into the line of thinking proffered by the late Supreme Court Judge, Potter Stewart – “I know it when I see it” but I seek a more specific definition. I don’t know that we succeeded, but we tried.


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Oh, hey. It is my show’s 100th episode. While the numbers have not hit the stratosphere, the number of listeners keeps growing.


Secure the cargo, sisters and brothers. It is time to make the Jump into the next system.