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Welcome RPG Ramblings with Jeff Jones. This is a weekly show exploring the various details of the TableTop RPG hobby through discussions with interesting people.   This week Vasili Kaliman joins to discuss art and a variety of other topics including Twitter and Midjourney. Funnily enough, I thought the Midjourney controversy fervor had died down….but the last week, emotions began raging anew. I need to talk about the elephant in the room regarding this episode. It is nearly three hours long. That was unplanned. We ended the show and then kept talking. I figured I would go back later and cut the last portion out but. Like a roll of scotch tape, I couldn’t find the ending. With all things going on, I just need to get this edited. The latter portion weaves in and out of various subjects and goes from some personal chit chat to rumination of business related thoughts. If you don’t make it through the podcast, I don’t blame you. Three hours is crazy, even for me. That doesn’t even include the stuff we talked about before we got started. I do have Patreon and for the price of 1 dollar a month you not only support me, but you get outtakes from the show. Except there are no outtakes for this show. If there were…it would have been an additional hour of content because we kept rambling. Get comfortable, sisters and brothers. It is time to get rambling.