Fane of the Fly God

Fane of the Fly God [Print + PDF]


Fane of the Fly God is an OSE supplement designed to inject the weird and the disturbing directly into the veins of your games. It overflows with the imaginative and the grotesque.

This is not a typical supplement. It prescribes nothing. There are no “proper” adventures with these pages. This is a 50-pound bag of high quality mealworm grist for your mill.

All the components serve a narrative whole, but each part also works removed from the others. Absorb the entire cosmology or sever your favorite bits and serve them a la carte.

A delightfully grotesque dish created by adding one part Robert. E. Howard, and a handful of H. P. Lovecraft into the cauldron. Then We threw a VHS copy of the movie The Fly and stirred the mixture steadily over medium heat. Once the contents came to a boil, we threw in an armful of horror comics from the 70s, notably issues Eerie and Creepy. These had a faint, damp, mildewy smell from being in the basement for decades. We remove from the heat and let it sit until the stew thickness. We serve this dish to you garnished with maggots and season to taste with Jack Kirby.