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Scoundrels Of Brixton: Issue 2 [PDF]

Return to the criminal underworld of the far future with Scoundrels of Brixton, SD2: The Clean Hands! Referees running gritty, sci-fi campaigns are provided with a devious smuggling firm on the lookout for new henchmen, and a hardscrabble company town rife with corruption. And there’s even more challenging missions, with dubious NPCs, in this seedy, RPG setting tailored for players who crave mayhem and moral dilemma. The Clean Hands is the second in a series of sci-fi RPG supplements exploring the Brixton solar system. Using Cepheus Engine mechanics, referees can run crime-themed adventures in nearly any system (even Mothership) with minimal preparation. Each high-quality issue is easy to digest, rich in lore, NPCS and scenarios, and fans of Traveller’s classic, little black books will appreciate the compact format.



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